Halydean Corporation is an agricultural land and livestock holding company, specializing in dairy with a bonus product of beef. We are seeking to help provide more dairy and beef for the world because everyone must eat.

We want to provide for our families with something real: brick & mortar, thousands of acres of farm land, cattle and true wealth that can profit from inflation and stand the test of time by lasting for generations to come. At Halydean Corporation we are several families working together to preserve our family’s heritage, prospering together through the economy of scale, powerful technology and a more diverse skill set including the sophistication to be able to maximize value for the families of our shareholders.



  • The US dairy industry is a fragmented industry. Halydean is on the cutting edge and is structured to be the industry leader with this opportunity. By technology and an innovative business model, the company is positioned to become a world leader in efficient, large-scale dairy and beef production. A strong capital return is possible by owning land-based farms with vertical integration, investing in the expansion and modernization of existing facilities.

  • Dairy farms create large amounts of data throughout the day. The power to intelligently use this data will create great advances in production. Halydean’s proprietary technology, which is being created, plans to change the industry and be made available to license to other brands. Halydean has now begun the first stages of organizing the data that is created on these farms. With decades of industry experience, a number of disciplines are coming together to make this happen, including business analytics, decision analysis, and cost-to-scale benefits. Halydean has joined with industry developers to make it work. This will simplify the whole decision making process, increasing efficiencies that are not yet realized in this industry, which has remained fragmented even through the industrial revolution. Halydean strives to increase the world food supply with the most complete dairy management, analysis, and tracking system.

  • Eastern nations are Americanizing the way they live and eat. As nations like Korea and China change their diets, consuming more ground beef and learning to love things like pizza, the demand for beef and dairy grows at a rate faster than world population growth. Dairy is the #1 protein delivery food source.

Dairy farms offer a wealth of information that can be used to optimize all sorts of management decisions about how to run the farm. Numerous small improvements add up over time, and result in large savings through efficiency. Decision analysis software is routinely used in other industries every day to provide a competitive edge and to achieve the optimum balance of maximum savings and maximum productivity. Halydean is bringing this high-tech style of modern management to the dairy industry to help move a less efficient industry further into the future.

Halydean is in the coding stages of what will become the most complete analytical dairy farm tracking system available. This puts Halydean on the path to being the most efficient research center available for dairy farming innovation. A great benefit of this focus on research will be improved stability and consistency of output in agriculture.

As an example, research has shown that many calves are not receiving enough nutrition during their first month of life, and that this has a significant affect on their ability to produce milk as full grown cows. Thousands of bits of information such as this can help our farms to maximize every opportunity for better animal husbandry.